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ICAT is run by a team of current and former aircraft engineers from a range of backgrounds including civil and military. Our aim is simple – to deliver the training the industry wants and expects.


RPL Services for Engineers


We offer a gateway to RPL and flexible learning options designed to cover a broad suite of CASR Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence categories.


– A (Mechanical) 1-4 – fixed or rotary-wing / gas turbine or piston engines

– B1.1  (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,

– B1.2  (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with piston engines,

– B1.3  (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,

– B1.4  (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with piston engines,

– B2  (Avionics) fixed and rotary-wing aircraft


To ensure maximum flexibility for employers and busy aircraft maintenance engineers, the programme is conducted via correspondence and the online platform is supported by an experienced team who operate under a formal CASA approved Part 147 model.


Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and needs.


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