Run by Engineers

ICAT is run by a team of current and former aircraft engineers from a range of backgrounds including civil and military. Our aim is simple – to deliver the training the industry wants and expects.


If you are tired of poor service and being over-charged; if you would prefer to deal with a no-nonsense Part 147 approved MTO that provides professional, friendly service at reasonable rates, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


RPL for Engineers

ICAT utilises existing experience and qualifications to offer Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) toward the Part 147 aligned Diploma of Aeroskills.


We offer RPL Services and flexible learning options to cover a broad suite of CASR Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence categories.


– A (Mechanical) 1-4 – fixed or rotary-wing / gas turbine or piston engines

– B1.1  (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,

– B1.2  (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with piston engines,

– B1.3  (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,

– B1.4  (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with piston engines,

– B2  (Avionics) fixed and rotary-wing aircraft


To ensure maximum flexibility for employers and busy aircraft maintenance engineers, our  programme is conducted via correspondence and our online platform supported by our experienced trainers. Where possible, exams are invigilated in the workplace. Where this is not possible, travel may be required to undertake invigilated assessments as required by CASA. International aircraft maintenance engineers may utilise this service but may be required to attend campus in Brisbane to meet Student Visa requirements.


To apply for RPL, please click the Apply button below and upload relevant records. We will provide further instructions upon receipt.




Please also enquire about our flexible Apprenticeship arrangements – tailored to the needs of the employer, guaranteed to to maximise the potential of the trainee.

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