ICAT’s aircraft engineering school offers innovative foundational skill building programmes at the Certificate II level specially designed for delivery in high school.

The Engineering Pathways programme is conducted in school supported by ICAT’s operational drone instructors and aircraft engineers utilising student equipment kits to supplement training where relevant.

This course is open to both domestic and international high school students in year 11 and 12 with no industry experience.


MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering Pathways


12 months, 1 days per week full time on campus


Current enrollment in Australian High School year 11 or 12
Upper Intermediate English equal to 5.5 IELTS or higher


Domestic Full Fee: $6,000
International Full Fee: $7,200


At the commencement of each Queensland School Term


Brisbane, Australia

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In this High School course, students will build their own fully operational drone.

Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, in Australia’s STEM Workforce Report said: “… How might technologies we can’t imagine now be part of our daily experience tomorrow? … When I look to that future I see a world of opportunity for Australians with STEM training.”

Incorporating principles of flying, aerodynamics, engineering and programming, this innovative course is specially designed for school students and provides an engaging, challenging introduction to aviation pathways including Remote (Drone) Piloting, Aircraft Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and potentially Commercial Piloting.

Throughout this course, students are provided with the opportunity to build their own fully operational drone aligned to the nationally accredited qualification – MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways which meets STEM objectives.

The course has been designed to be delivered across 1 day per week for 30 weeks (or 3 x 70 minute sessions for 30 weeks depending on your school’s timetables). Each unit is aligned to a Build a Drone activity. All equipment for the course is included in kit form through our specialist drone partner, Autonomous Technology Group.

Training activities include clectronics, frame assembly, software and flight controller preparation, motor and body assembly, flight testing.



Students who successfully complete the programme will graduate with the following nationally accredited qualification:

  • MEM20413 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways



  • 1 year, 1 day per week (during school term)
  • Blended – online and face to face



  • Enrolment in senior high school
  • Upper intermediate English (IELTS 5.0)


International Students:

This course is open to both domestic and international students enrolled in Australian high schools.

CRICOS Code 097539G.

Study Units

MEM13014A Apply principles of OH&S in the work environment
MEMPE005A Develop a career plan
MEMPE006A Undertake a basic engineering project
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSAPMSUP106A Work in a team
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology
MEM18001C Use hand tools
MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations
MEMPE001A Use engineering workshop machines
MEMPE002A Use electric welding machines
MEMPE007A Pull apart and re-assemble engineering mechanisms


Academic Criteria

  • Enrolled in Australian senior high school year 11 or 12
  • Average or above results with Maths and Physics preferred
  • A strong interest in machines, electronics systems and processes
  • Well organised and self disciplined

English Language Criteria

  • Upper Intermediate English equal to 5.5 IELTS.

You are exempt from the English language criteria if you are a citizen of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Canada or the United States of America.


International students who are enrolled in Australian high school and do not require ESL support may be exempt based on their English subject results, teacher recommendation and discussion with ICAT staff.

How to Apply


Check the course details to make sure this is the course for you. We recommend that you also consult with your local aviation authority to ensure that you understand the cost and procedure for converting your overseas aviation qualifications upon your return home.


Check the Requirements section to make sure you meet the criteria to enter the course. If you need to upgrade your English or your academic background, no problem, we can package these in.


If you are not a resident or citizen, you need to make sure you are eligible to get a student visa, so visit the website of the Australian Immigration Department and check the requirements for getting a student visa here.


If you are applying for a student visa, you will need to demonstrate that you have plenty of money to afford the course and the cost of living. Studying in Australia is a major financial investment so please do not undertake the course if this will cause you financial hardship. You should have at least enough money to cover the full cost of the course plus travel and the cost of living and insurance for your entire stay. Please visit our the Australian Government Study In Australia website here>> for further guidance.


If you are eligible to join this course and you have your funding ready, applying is easy! Our simply online application form includes a Quick Guide section. Please read the guide first so you have everything correctly prepared before applying. After reading the guide, just contact us if you have any questions. Click the “Apply Now” button below to go to the application form and guide.

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