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ICAT Aviation College’s CASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organisation is founded on 20 years of aviation training experience as part of the Airline Academy of Australia. Learn more about us here. Formerly ATAE, ICAT continues to work closely with industry in our endeavour to design and deliver bespoke aviation training solutions that inspire greater participation in building a safer, stronger and more capable global aviation community.

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Our Engineering Courses

With a history of over 20 years in foundational aircraft maintenance training, apprenticeships and formal courses ICAT's School of Engineering continues to serve the industry through innovative courses and excellent customer service.
Diploma of Aeroskills
AME RPL Service

Our High School Courses

ICAT, in collaboration with students, school Industry Liaison Officers and aviation industry stakeholders is innovating new pathways for young learners that can be accessed during senior high school.
High School Aeroskills
High School Drone Engineering

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